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Rebecca (Becky) McKnight


Why do I love to teach?

To put it simply, I love to teach because I love to learn and I love people.  I love to teach English because I love words and the English language.

An author that is inspirational to me

Margaret Atwood (for her brilliant mind and for forcing us to examine our society and to consider where it is heading and where we want it to go), John Steinbeck (for his beautiful writing style and concern for the common man who has been unjustly treated), and C.S. Lewis (for the magical world he created and for helping children realize that they are all special princes and princesses).

My favorite quote

“When there’s a will, there’s a way.”  

My interests

Meeting people, learning about everything and anything, travelling, reading, movies, exercising and laughing ;-).

My favorite fictional hero

To name a few: Liesel Meminger in The Book Thief (for ultimately choosing to live in joy despite incredible sorrows), Claire and Jamie Fraser in the Outlander book series (for their loyalty to family and friends and their incredible love story) and Dr. House from the TV series of the same name (for his intelligence and witty, sarcastic, not always politically correct sense of humor)

The aspects of English I am passionate about

I love how language reflects culture and the inner workings of the human mind.  I love the thrill of a person finding the perfect word to express exactly what s/he means.  I love the fun and creative aspects of language: funny sounding words and the creation of new words.  Finally, I love grammar and dissecting sentences to deconstruct meaning.

More about myself

I have a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English Literature, a TESL Certificate and a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics.

Published works

(Textbook)  Brunel, Angelika and Becky McKnight.  REAL 1: Real English for Authentic Learning, 2nd edition.  Cheneliére Education, 2014.