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Adam Jagiellowicz


Why do I love to teach?

In brief, it invigorates me. Teaching is a creative act that forces us to think from the perspective of a student. Teaching is also an opportunity to do something truly useful for society. I cannot think of any other profession that is as rewarding.


n author that is inspirational to me

Mikhail Bulgakov - author of The Master and Margarita. The fact that he was able to write such brutal truth in the time of Stalin is a miracle. Bulgakov was not only extraordinarily brave, but also a genius of satire and a supreme story-teller.

My favorite quote

“All who wander are not lost” (J.R.R Tolkien)

My interests

Jazz piano, painting, macroeconomics, gardening, wandering aimlessly in foreign cities

My favorite fictional hero

‘Pip’ in Great Expectations. Pip evolves so much in this novel, and with Dicken’s magical ability to have us think like his characters, one cannot help but become wiser having read it. This book should be required reading in high school.

The aspects of English I am passionate about

Grammar and etymology. If you know how words and language have evolved, you can understand the history of a culture.